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PHHL Jerseys and Gear

PHHL Jerseys and Gear

Exclusively from Pure Hockey

(follow the link below)

1. If you do not have your jersey by evaluations, PHHL will provide pinnies for the skaters to wear. 
2. Please choose whatever number you would like. This is totally up to your and your child. We as a league do not track stats, and we recommend re-using jerseys, so sometimes we will end up with multiple kids with the same number on a team. 
3. Last year's jerseys, if they fit comfortably, are totally fine and you don't need to order a new set.
4. Jerseys are mandatory, both Red and White. All other gear on the site is optional.



Please email with any questions regarding your Jersey order

Polar Hurricanes Hockey League does not handle jersey orders, please reach out to Purehockey with any order questions. 

Please read the details and deadlines on the page carefully.