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Holiday Clinics

2019 Turkey Shootout Clinic

Learn the art of scoring goals and enjoy the competition of small area games.

This Thanksgiving, PHHL will host the Forth annual Turkey Shootout Clinic. 

Our coaches will provide extensive instruction on the proper way to shoot the puck, focusing primarily on specific shooting techniques and power. Players will get time in-between instruction to compete in small area games, showcasing what they just learned and their overall skills.

The Turkey Shootout will be led by PHHL Youth Hockey Director Thomas Weathers and Assistant Director Mitch Eisenberg. Players will have the option to register for the 10 and Under Sessions or the 11 and Older Sessions. Each age group will have two 1hr and 15min sessions over two days for a total of 2 and 1/2 hrs of instruction.

ALL Sessions will be at the Cary Ice House

10 and Under

Saturday November 30: 2:45-4:00PM
Sunday December 1: 8:15-9:30AM
Session Cap: 40 Players-FULL
Cost: $99 (Goalies: $45)

11 and Older

Saturday November 30: 4:15-5:30PM
Sunday December 1: 9:45-11:00AM
Session Cap: 40 Players
Cost: $99 (Goalies: $45)


*Requirement: Needs to have played one full season in the House League


2019 Holiday All-Star Challenge
Skills Competition

Date: December 23, 2019

Location: Raleigh Center Ice

Times: Birth Years 2011-2014: 4:30-6:30pm
2010 & Older: 6:45-8:45pm

Divisions: 6U, 8U, 10U, 12U & 14U

Cost: $49


The Skills Competition will consist of 5 different events for participants to compete in.

Obstacle Course: Players will be timed as they skate through a series of obstacles.

Accuracy Passing: There will be 5 different targets, each getting increasingly further away.  Players will attempt to hit all 5 targets. Players will get 3 chances at each target. Points will be awarded for each target made. More points will be awarded for targets further away.

Accuracy Shooting: There will be 5 targets for players to shoot at. Each target is worth a different amount of points. Players will get 30 seconds to hit as many targets as possible and gain as many points as possible. An additional 5 points will be awarded to any player who can hit all 5 targets during their 30 seconds.

Fastest Skater: Players will be timed as they skate around the ice. They will get three attempts; their best time will be recorded.

Breakaway Challenge: Players will have 5 opportunities at the breakaway challenge. Points will be awarded for style, celebration and number of goals scored.

*Requirement: Needs to have played one full season in the House League