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Player Evaluations

Spring Hurricanes House League Player Evaluations

Players Evaluations will be held March 13-15

Player Evaluations are used to help the league and the coaches determine the best way to split the players up in order to create the most competitive division for each age classification. There are no cuts made during these sessions. Everyone is encouraged to attend both of their group's scheduled evaluation sessions. 

We do this to help better determine what the make-up of each division should look like (Advanced/Regular). There is no guarantee that there will or will not be an Advanced and Regular Division. This decision is all dependent on the number of registrations and the skill of those participating. The Division Make-Up is decided the weekend of Evaluations and the league will have final say as to who will be placed into each division.

If you cannot attend one or both of your scheduled sessions please notify the league. Your player will still be placed on a team but the league may need a coach's reference in order to properly place him/her.

All Group Designations are determined by LAST NAME.

Group Designations will be determined the afternoon of March 12th. We have to wait until everyone has registered before making the designations.

Those whose last names are towards the beginning of the alphabet can assume they will be in Group 1. Those whose last names are towards the end of the alphabet can assume they will be in Group 2 or 3 (Depending on your division)  Those whose last names lie in the middle will have to wait until the final schedule is posted with Group Designations. There is a chance we will need to divide divisions into three groups.