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2018 Holiday All-Star Challenge Skills Competition

By PHHL Assistant Youth Hockey Director , 11/28/18, 11:45AM EST


2018 Holiday All-Star Challenge
Skills Competition

Date: January 1

Location: Wake Forest Ice House

Time: TBD

Divisions: 6U, 8U, 10U, 12U & 14U

Cost: $49

The Skills Competition will consist of 5 different events for participants to compete in.

Obstacle Course: Players will be timed as they skate through a series of obstacles.

Accuracy Passing: There will be 5 different targets, each getting increasingly further away.  Players will attempt to hit all 5 targets. Players will get 3 chances at each target. Points will be awarded for each target made. More points will be awarded for targets further away.

Accuracy Shooting: There will be 5 targets for players to shoot at. Each target is worth a different amount of points. Players will get 30 seconds to hit as many targets as possible and gain as many points as possible. An additional 5 points will be awarded to any player who can hit all 5 targets during their 30 seconds.

Fastest Skater: Players will be timed as they skate around the ice. They will get three attempts; their best time will be recorded.

Breakaway Challenge: Players will have 5 opportunities at the breakaway challenge. Points will be awarded for style, celebration and number of goals scored.

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