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Carolina Hurricanes: Rink of Dreams

By PHHL Assistant Hockey Director , 10/18/18, 4:15PM EDT


Carolina Hurricanes: Rink of Dreams

If you’ve ever dreamed about playing under the lights of an NHL arena, this is your chance to make it happen! Gather your family and friends for a great game at a terrific discount, and make plans to take the ice at PNC Arena!  The steps for this process would be to find an opposing team to do this with on one of the dates provided below. Contact Christina about setting up which Hurricanes game your group would like to purchase tickets for ( or (919) 861-5434). If you pick a date that is more then 4 weeks out the arena has the right to cancel it. Once it gets within 4 weeks it will be confirmed. If the date you choose gets canceled, Christina will work with you on finding another date to re-schedule.

Dates available: 
24-Oct : Evening
25-Oct : Evening
2-Nov: Evening
4-Nov: Anytime
5-Nov: Evening
11-Nov: Can do a couple stacked games -- after 1 p.m.
19-Nov: Be off ice by 8:00
25-Nov: Can do a couple stacked games -- after 1 p.m.
26-Nov: Evening
27-Nov: Evening
28-Nov: Be off ice by 8:00
13-Dec: Evening
21-Dec: Be off ice by 8:00
3-Jan: Evening
13-Jan: Post game (after experience)
17-Mar: Anytime
18-Mar: Evening
20-Mar: Evening
27-Mar: Evening
31-Mar: Can do a couple stacked games -- after 1 p.m.

Contact Christina for any additional info or questions! or (919) 861-5434


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