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2022 TSD Summer Camp Information and Registration

By PHHL Assistant Youth Hockey Director , 05/04/22, 3:00PM EDT



This week long camp will help each player develop as a whole, while working on specific skills through different initiatives. These include Power Skating sessionsCompetitive GamesOff-Ice TrainingOn-Ice Skill Based stationsChalk-Talk and Video Chat, as well as Daily Reflection. The cost for TSD Camp is $399. We will also offer Player Assessments at the end of each week, as well as daily snacks to keep each player fueled and hydrated.

Each week will be capped off at 40 participants. Based on registrations we will determine what the group make-up will be for each week. The plan is to group players of similar age and skill level together.

Ages: 8-14
*Exceptions can be made for younger players. Please email for consideration.

*Requirement: Needs to have played one full season of organized hockey. 

**Player must be able to skate forwards, backwards and execute crossovers. 

Registration: CLICK HERE


June 13-17: Polar Ice Garner
June 20-25: Polar Ice WCC -SOLD OUT
July 11-15: Polar Ice Garner-SOLD OUT
July 18-22: Polar Ice Wake Forest
August 1-5: Polar Ice Wake Forest
August 8-12: Polar Ice WCC -SOLD OUT


Full 5 days: $399
*Sibling Discount: 10% off second participant only
**Multi-Week discount: 10% off


8:00am-8:30am Drop Off
Power Skating Or On-Ice Skill and Drill Rotation
Off-Ice Training/ChalkTalk/Video 
On-Ice Skill and Drill Rotation OR Power Skating
Off-Ice Training/ChalkTalk/Video 
P.E. Activities/ Games
4:00pm-5:00pm Pick Up


15 Hours of on-ice instruction
7 Hours of off-ice instruction
2 Snacks per day (Gatorade/ Granola Bar)
Camp Jersey
Skill Assessments
Awards for MVP and Most Improved

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14U-Blue Sharks  14U-Grey Sharks  18U-Team1  18U-Hurricanes  18U-Team3  18U-Circs  18U-Sharks  6U-Superstars  6U-Ice Panthers  10U-Smashing Ice Goblins  10U-Gladiators  House Select  8U Ice Bears  8U Arctic Bears  10U Ice Bears  12U Ice Bears  12U Arctic Bears  14U Ice Bears  16U Ice Bears  12U Polar  Spring League 2018  6U  8U  6U-Thunder Cougar Falcon Birds  6U-Mighty Pucks  6U-Warriors  8U ADV  10U  10U ADV  12U   12U ADV  14U   18U  6U-The Destroyer's  8U-Knights  8U-Hurricanes  8U-The Legends  8U-Typhoons  8U-Black Knights  8U-Ice Rangers  8U-The Thunder  8U-Capitals  8U-Whalers  8U-PREDS  10U-Total Chaos  10U-WF Blades  10U-Thrashers  10U-The Mighty Pucks  10U-Conquerors  10U-Ice Wolves  10U-Grizzlies  10U-Ice Chompers  10U-Nacho Goals  10U-Whalers  12U-Knights  12U-Freeze  12U-Titans  12U-Pythons  12U-Rampage  12U-RPG  12U-Ice Raiders  12U-Bush Wookies  14U-Ice Hawks  18U-Bandits  18U-Hurricanes  18U-Shifty Shafts  18U-Little Shrimps  14U-Mustangs  14U-Killer Chinchillas  14U-Spooky Spiders  14U-Wolverines  14U-Huskies  12U-Warriors  14U-Tilted Towers  6U-Golden Hawks  6U-Knights  Fall League 2018-19  6U  8U  8U Adv  10U  10U Adv  12U Adv  15U  15U Adv  18U  House Select  6U-Hawks  6U-Ice Ninja's  6U-Crushers  6U-Penguins  6U-Puckhawks  6U-Hurricanes  6U-Mighty Ducks  6U-Checkers  8U-Ice Sharks  8U-Mighty Sharks  8U-Total Chaos  8U-The Ice Pack  8U-Scorpions  8U-Coyotes  8U-The Sting  8U-Ice Cats  8U-Ice Ninjas  8U-Ice Wolves  8U-CANES  8U-Ice Warriors  8U-Legends  8U-Wild  8U-Hurricanes  8U-Golden Eagles  10U-Stickmasters  10U-Warriors  10U-Hustling Hydra  10U-Ice Invaders  10U-Phoenix  10U-Puck Masters  10U-Dragons  10U-Tiger Sharks  10U-Yetis  10U-Vipers  10U-Frostbite  10U-Tundra Tigers  10U-Leopard Sharks  10U-Girls Jr Canes  12U-Puck Bandits  12U-Bar Down Bombers  12U-Falcons  12U-Riptide  12U-Raleigh Raptors  12U-Jr Canes RED  12U-Southern Snipers  12U-Knights  12U-Mako Sharks  12U-Girls Jr Canes WHITE  12U-Aces  12U-Raiders  12U-Sniping Knights  12U-Bull Sharks  15U-Mustangs  15U-Storm Whalers  15U-The Stick Figures  15U-Blue Sharks  15U-Coyotes  15U-SEALTeam6  15U-Water Boys  15U-Dusty Benders  15U-Spartans  15U-Gray Sharks  18U-Crunch  18U-Hurricanes  18U-Raptors  18UTeam4  18U-Sharks  8U-Scorelords  8U-Terminators  8U-Typhoons  8U-Knights  12U  10U-Ice Bears  12U-Ice Bears  14U-Ice Bears  16U-Ice Bears  18U-Ice Bears  Spring League 2019  6U  8U  10U  12U  15U  18U  10U ADV  12U ADV  15U ADV  6U-Bumbles  6U-Ice Breakers  6U-Ice Pirates  6U-Skater-ades  6U-Whalers  6U-Storm Raging Puck Hogs  6U-Ice Ninjas  6U-Checkers  8U-Legends  8U-Rattle Skates  8U-Ice Sharks  8U-Ice Cats  8U-Hawks of the Ice  8U-Red Dragons  8U-Raptors  8U-Darth Pancakes  8U-Flames  8U ADV  8U-Puck Pros  8U-Ice Warriors  8U-Fierce Cats  8U-Ice Hogs  8U-Fire Blades  8U-Raptors  8U-Typhoons  8U-Snipers  8U-Knights  10U-Legends  10U-Lightning  10U- Howling Hawks  10U-Carolina Surge  10U-Skull Crushers  10U-The Flaming Pucks  10U-Wolf Sharks  10U-Lady Jr Canes +1  10U-Yetis  10U-Warriors  10U-Dragons  10U-Whalers  12U-Snipers  12U-Knights  12U-Raiders  12U-Thundering Wolves  12U-Lady Canes  12U-The Bears  12U-Ice Demons  12U-Little Einsteins  12U-Jr. Jerks  12U-G.O.A.T  15U-Thrashers  15U-Vipers  15U-Ice Hawks  15U-Cyclones  15U-Mighty Ducks  15U-L and Company  15U-Spitfires  15U-Young Dusters  18U-Puck Daddy  18U-Swig  18U-Chargers  18U-Team4  18U-Team5  15U-The Incredibles