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Daysmart FAQ


Click here to create a new User account in Daysmart.

What is Daysmart??? (formerly known as dash)

Daysmart is our scheduling, rostering, and financial hub! This is where you will register for teams, clinics, stick and pucks, youth pickup games, evaluations, etc! This is even the spot where when you go to the front desk and purchase a drink, they will cash you out via... Daysmart!

Do i already have an account?

Great question. Click here and try out the emails you suspect that you may have had a DASH or Daysmart account with. Make sure to check your junk/spam folder.  CLICK HERE TO RECOVER USER PASSWORD 

I have an account with an email i no longer use, now what?

Use this page and immediately create a new user profile with your most up to date information. Once you have completed this step, please contact us at Make sure to include the following.
- Full name
- Current AND Old Email(that is on the account)
- Cell number 
- Children(s)' First and Last name's

Once you have completed a new user profile, AND provided us the above information, THEN we will go ahead and merge your old accounts with your new account. This needs to be done by an administrator.  This will keep your past info from being ignored or erased.

Why does it show phhl events under garner ice house, i am not in that conference!

This is on purpose. If conferences are available in your age group, then your conference is still your choice pending availability. We assign PHHL activities to Garner for organizational purposes.


After completing your first child's registration daysmart will take you back to your home page.  Please make sure Polar Ice Garner is selected for the location for the PHHL registration to show up on your screen. If conferences are available in your age group, then your conference is still your choice pending availability.

Help me register for a new account!

Click Here To Register for Daysmart! Follow this link and get registered for Daysmart. The left side of the page. Also look to bottom of this page for video tutorials for certain major tasks!

I have a credit with PHHL, How do i use it?

Email and he will convert the PHHL credit into a Daysmart "Family Credit" that can be used for ANY Polar activity. NOTE - An existing credit for one sibling is not directly usable(viewable) by the other sibling. The parent/guardian of the account is able to use credits for any directly linked family member. 
Click here for an example of how credits show up in your account

Are we the home or the away team?

Take a look at the picture below. 

Are we home or away?

Video Tutorial for How to Register for Daysmart

Click here for a step by step instructional video on how to PROPERLY register for daysmart.

(Re)Subscribe for Email

If you have a Daysmart account but don't seem to be receiving any emails, check this video out.

Sync Calendar

This is a tutorial on how to sync your calendar to your league activity schedule for Google and Apple.

General Navigation 1

This video goes over the basics of using the calendar features, RSVP basics, and how to login from the website.


This video is a deep dive into how to utilize the Daysmart RSVP tools. This is especially useful for team managers and Coaches!